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Soul-Guided Business Growth

Individual Support + Group Classes

4 months | 4 women

16x group classes | 16x coaching sessions (1 hr, 1:1)


It's time to embody and honor your natural magnificence, and bring yourself and your business into integrity with the true depth of your inherent beauty and worthiness. 

Let your true values, beliefs, and dreams guide you into success in your life and with your business.

Align with that divine being within that is present in every breath, every heartbeat, every holy impulse.

In my experience, the most enjoyable success comes from alignment with your purpose and your true nature. Together, we will work through the largest obstacles at hand and get you well on your way to a thriving business that is fun, purpose-driven, soul-aligned, and profitable. What's holding you back are only misconceptions, misalignments, and misplaced fears. Let's get you successful by your standards by honoring your divinity, serving your purpose and doing what you love.

We will move through the chakra system, spending two weeks in each energy center, supporting growth in the most sustainable way: from the bottom up. 

Our goal is your liberation:

allowing your inspired business serve you and the world.

Below are some of the topics we will cover.

The curriculum will evolve based on the needs of the participants. 

Solar Plexus
3rd Eye

4 women | 4 months

$3,333 total investment | payment plans available

Reach out by email to set up your consultation. 

This might be for you if:

  • You're ready to take the next steps in growing your business, but know you need or want support to do it successfully. 

  • You're been trying to grow your business and it just hasn't been working.

  • You know there are some things holding you back from growing your business, and you want to break through.

  • You have a relationship to your spirituality and believe that has a place in your business. 


This might not be right for you if: 

  • You aren't yet sure what it is you want your business to be. (You can refine within the program, but you should have an ida about what you're going to be doing.) 

  • You are looking for exponential growth in a short period. (That's not my style. I do slower, sustainable growth.)

  • You want specific guidance on the logistics of building an online business. (I'm not an expert on funnels and algorithms.)

  • You're stuck in a trauma loop around money/biz growth. (You may require more specialized healing work which is not paced with this group.)