Home Consultation

We will explore your home using design sense, healing sense, and the feng shui bagua map to find the easiest and most effective ways to optimize your home to support your internal well being and a life you love. 


Think of this as "What easy changes can I make?" rather than "What's wrong with my home?!"


This Service includes: 

 -- A (virtual or in person) walkthrough of your home to look at Feng Shui and areas that could be more supportive of your needs.

 -- A floorplan with bagua map to show you which areas of your home represent which areas of your life. 

 -- Suggestions for improving Feng Shui and design to bring healing through your home. 


This could be helpful if: 

 -- There is one or more areas of your life that you feel could be improved. (i.e.: romance, career, money, relationships, etc.)

 -- You want direction for decorating your home, but aren't ready to jump into a full-scope design project.

 -- You want our home to reflect the personal healing you've done.

Design Services

Please contact me to discuss your project @ lizzie@magicisreal.org


Projects are in the works! Coming soon.

Contact: Lizzie@MagicisReal.org for questions, bookings, and more.

In-Person appointments happen in Woodstock, NY; 

Los Angeles, or San Diego when available.

Remote Sessions happen via Zoom. (Link sent by email.)

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