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In-Person appointments happen in Woodstock, NY; 

Los Angeles, or San Diego when available.

Remote Sessions happen via Zoom. (Link sent by email.)

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Healing Design Consultation

A Healing Design Consultation allows us to assess the way your home is contributing to your healing and wellness. Using Energy Healing and Feng Shui principles, we can come up with a plan to nurture your healing journey through your home, office, or other physical space. 

This Service is a one-time consultation that includes:

  • A thorough conversation to determine which areas of your life and your home you would like to see significantly improved. ​

  • A walkthrough of your home to identify the areas of your home which need attention to become your optimal healing space. (In-Person or via Video Chat)

  • A floorplan with bagua map to show you which areas of your home represent which areas of your life.

  • Suggestions for improved Feng Shui and Design to bring healing through your home in the way it will be most effective for you.

This is ideal if: 

  • An area of your home or an area of your life (romance, career, money, relationships, etc.) could be improved.

  • You want direction for decorating your home, but aren't ready to jump into a full-scope design project.

  •  You want to learn more about how you can heal through your home.

Design Services

Please contact me to discuss your project.


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