Faerie Immersion

Faerie Immersion

As the veil thins during Autumn, we have the chance to connect more easily with the beings of the otherworld. It's a perfect time to acquaint yourself with the realm of the fae. 

This Faerie Immersion is a month-long participate-as-you-like program. 

From October 1 through November 3, I will be sharing videos with meditative journeys, faerie stories, and information from and about the faeries. You can watch and listen as you like. 

There will be practices offered to you, which you can take part in if you choose. They will enhance your connection with the realm of the fae. 

What  to  Expect:

Each person will have a unique experience, but some things you might expect are: 

Increased feeling of magic

Increased pleasure

Increased intuition

Increased comfort in liminal zones or the in-between

More fun and enjoyment

Feeling enchantment

Exalted Inner Child

Participation is at your own discretion. You'll have the fullest experience if you listen to your intuition in deciding how and when to participate. You might watch every video and ask lots of questions, or you might just use what calls to you most. It's up to you!

Open the door to the faerie realm:


Full and Partial Scholarships are available. Apply here.

To sign up, send your payment by Venmo

Venmo.com/lizzie-rose-1 and include "Faerie Immersion" and your email address in the comments.

Payment Plans are available. Just email me: Lizzie@magicisreal.org

Contact: Lizzie@MagicisReal.org for questions, bookings, and more.

In-Person appointments happen in Woodstock, NY; 

Los Angeles, or San Diego when available.

Remote Sessions happen via Zoom. (Link sent by email.)

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