Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences are gentle yet powerful medicine that work to bring that which is unconscious to your consciousness so it may be healed. 

Essences are particularly effective for resolving trauma, ancestral karma, childhood wounds, and other energetic blocks that have been residing in your unconscious self. These issues can keep you from your authentic expression of self for months, years, or lifetimes. When we allow them to come into your consciousness, the gift of true healing becomes possible.

Flower Essence Therapy is automatically integrated into all healing sessions.


1. Are Flower Essences like Essential Oils?

They both come from plants, but while essential oils are actual physical substance that is extracted from a plant, Flower Essences are vibrational medicine which contain the vibrational imprint or soul signature of a plant.


2. How do I take the Essences?

You'll be given a tincture, and instructions to take it orally or spray it in your environment. Some formulas are meant to be used daily, while others might be on an as-needed basis.

3. Where do the Essences come from? Are they sustainably sourced?

The Essences are all sustainably sourced. Some come from Gaia's Wisdom, Flower Essence Society, Delta Gardens, and some I have collected myself.

4. Are Flower Essences effective and safe for children?

Yes, Flower Essences are extremely effective and safe for children. It is recommended that when a young child is using Essences, the parents should also be using complementary Essences.

5. Is there anyone who should not take Flower Essences?

No, there are no contraindications for Flower Essences. However, most Essences are preserved with a small amount of Brandy, so a person abstaining from any alcohol would need to make special arrangements to have an alcohol-free formula.

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