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It has long been my mission to ground and integrate the incredible ascension potential we have as humans on earth right now. It is my belief that grounding ascension is the only way we can smoothly transition into the society we envision. We can not ascend and escape, we have to ascend the earth as a whole, by weaving together the path to where we are going with the path from where we are now. 


By activating the ascension frequencies of the Seven Sacred Flames together with the grounding, evolutionary life codes of Ancient Celtic Tree Wisdom, we are able to bring forth an experience and upgrade that can transform your personal operating system without overloading your system or putting you through the rollercoaster of highs and lows that can come with big expansions.


Earth's plant life carries the most perfect technology and wisdom on earth. These trees and plants have been carrying the codes of evolutionary life cycles for millennia, and those codes are our key to more sustainable personal growth, evolution, and expansion. 

This mini-course will be a full transmission of the Seven Sacred Flames, supported by the grounding and integration technology of the plants through the body using Vibrational Essence Blends (to take orally) and Essential Oil Blends (to apply topically). Your mind, body, and soul will all get to travel together on this incredible journey. 

a mini course

January - March 2023

grounded activations header.jpg

The Details

Nine Zoom Meetings over three months.

Each meeting will be 1-2 hours. 

Recordings will be available.

Time will be determined once everyone is signed up.

We will do our best to accommodate scheduling needs.

Class Dates:

January 11 at 11am-12:30pm et

January 17, 24, 31 at noon et

February 7, 14, 21 at noon et

March 14, 28 at noon et

Financial Commitment:


includes Essence Blends

and Essential Oil Blends

mailed to you.

Payment Plans Available:

3 payments of $444.44

or 4 payments of $333.33

How to Sign Up:

Email me to say you're in!

and send your first payment

or full payment

via venmo @lizzie-rose-1

If you want to use a payment plan,

I will send you a link to use

for the remaining payments. 

Receive Activations of the

Seven Sacred Flames

Grounded and Supported by

Ancient Plant Wisdom


to Integrate the Light Codes Here and Now.

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