The Healing Group

Beginning 2/20/20

A more affordable way to heal:

Six Months of Powerful Healing

with Flower Essences 

And the Support of

Like-Hearted Womxn

In a Safe Yet Transformative

Healing Space

In Person or Online

For less than $70 per month. 

The Healing Group is a powerful way to nourish and expedite your healing process with the advantage of collective momentum and the assistance of some of the most powerful healing allies, flower essences.

Expect monthly flower essence blends, a safe yet transformative healing space, and a group of supportive, like-hearted women cheering you on. 

This is a more affordable way to approach healing compared to 1:1 sessions, but you receive community, too, and the healing is just as potent. 

Here's how The Healing Group works: 

  • First, have a brief consultation with Lizzie to determine if this is the best match for your needs and for the group. Once accepted and committed, you can choose to pay up front or monthly.


  • Each month, prior to our group healing session, you will receive your own personalized flower essence blend in the mail with a detailed description of the purpose of each essence arriving via email.  

  • Our monthly 2-hour group healing session will be interactive with sharing, q+a, teachings and transmissions from the essences and our guides, and a powerful group healing based on the needs of the group and the direction of our guides. 

  • You can arrange 1:1 sessions with Lizzie at a significant discount if you want more personal attention. 

Prices and Packages


All options include The Healing Group Sessions, whether in person or online, and Flower Essences mailed to you. Recordings of the healings will be available if you have to miss the group session. 

Just The Healing Group 

$67.95 per month for six months or $400 if paid in full

The Healing Group  plus three private one-hour sessions

$122.95 per month for six months or $735 if paid in full

The Healing Group  plus two private 90-minute sessions

$129.95 per month for six months or $777 if paid in full

Additional Private Sessions during the course of The Healing Group are

$110 for one-hour sessions and $185 for 90-minute sessions

Online or In Person?

Prior to beginning The Healing Group, you have to choose whether you will attend online or in person.


I recommend in-person if you are within an hour of Woodstock, NY and could use some more human connection with like-hearted women in your life.

The online groups are just as powerful, and perfect for connecting from your own home or private space. Just make sure you have privacy so you can fully sink into the group from where you are. 


1. How many people are in a group?

A: No more than 6 per group

2. When do the groups meet?

A: Sundays. The in-person group will meet from 12-2pm eastern time in Woodstock, NY; and the online group will meet from 3-5pm eastern time (12-2pm pacific) via Zoom video chat. 

3. Are the groups co-ed?

A: All Womxn are invited to apply. 

4. What are flower essences?

A: Flower essences are powerful vibrational medicine that help us heal more quickly as they bring our unconscious blocks into our consciousness to be understood. More here. 

5. How is the group session structured?

A: Of course, it is subject to change to meet our needs, but the group sessions will go something like this: 

  • Opening Meditation and Group Intention Setting

  • Brief Shares - What's been going on with you? How are the essences feeling? What do you need? The opportunity to speak your truth into the group.

  • Overview of the essences that are working with us collectively and/or guides and transmissions that want to be presenced.

  • Group Energy Healing 

  • Sharing and Closing

6. What makes me a good for for this group?

A: This group is designed for womxn who are practiced at self-reflection. You're   not afraid to see your shortcomings and challenges, nor your strengths and power.  

 More Questions?

Contact: for questions, bookings, and more.

In-Person appointments happen in Woodstock, NY; 

Los Angeles, or San Diego when available.

Remote Sessions happen via Zoom. (Link sent by email.)

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