Lineage of the Rose


a sacred group experience

in the


Lineage of the Rose


13 weekly sessions June - August 2022

with monthly integration sessions

thereafter through January 2023

working with

the channeled teachings of 


and her initiates


"An Alchemist of the Soul - a Christ-Magdalene, transmutes the obscurations that have entombed the Beloved's Light, which was previously unknown and hidden."

- Anna, Grandmother of Jesus as channeled by Claire Heartsong in Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes



of light embodiment, the rose heart, cellular regeneration, christ consciousness, divine creation, and resurrection


from the ascended masters of this lineage channeled specifically for you


to sustainably weave this work into your life now


This group will be a portal

into your personal experience

of these teachings.

A note from Lizzie:

I have been receiving these teachings for the last seven years, and in recent months I was honored to accept the invitation to facilitate a group for activations, initiations, and integration of this beautiful work.

I am not the creator of this work, but a modern devoted initiate of these mysteries who will hold space as the magic flows. These group portals are the gift I'm given and the gift I give. They are my favorite work. This one feels especially potent and exciting. I can't wait to share it with you.

I will be facilitating our group's journey, 

transmitting teachings & practices,

and questioning and learning along with you. 

I am calling together a group of women who share a love of these mysteries, this lineage, and light work. These are women who wish to journey deep into their hearts to receive and transmit the divine light of our existence. These women feel a purpose or mission in healing and light work. They feel attuned to the Magdalene Lineage of the Rose and the teachings of Isis in some way, shape, or form. They want to deepen their relationship with Yeshua and the lineage of initiates consciously bringing light into form on earth. 

They are ready and willing to be initiated and activated, and committed to supporting that process with the necessary grounding and integrating practices that will be provided. 

Though we are traveling together, the path and outcome will be unique for each of you.

May you find yourself more at home, more supported, and more loved every day.


Lizzie Rose Reiss


We will assemble one evening per week for 13 weeks, 

And once a month for 5 months thereafter.

The schedule will be based on

the availability of the initiates.

You may attend live

and/or use the recordings

as is appropriate for you.

Lineage of the Rose


Full Participation:  $3,777*

Participate Live and Receive Recordings of

18 group sessions over 8 months

Receive all materials and sacred gifts including

vibrational essences, anointing oils, books and tools and more

Recordings Only: $2,222*

Receive recordings of the 13 initial sessions

Participate live and Receive Recordings of the 5 monthly integration sessions

Receive all materials and gifts

Please note that recordings will hold and transmit the power of the class in a potent way. The videos will be easy to navigate with timestamps and summaries for your convenience.

*payment plans available with a processing fee


please reach out to me with any questions


Elizabeth Rose Reiss


Fun Fact: Although I go by Lizzie, my name is all God and Roses. 

Elizabeth means the oath of God or God's promise.

We will, of course, learn more about Rose. 

And one possible origin of the last name Reiss  dates back to when families were named for their matriarch - and Reiss would have been a family led by Rose.


What is this group portal experience?


Lineage of the Rose is a group container for activation, initiation, and integration of the Lineage of the Rose, also known as the Lineage of Isis and the Lineage of the Magdalenes. Our gatherings will include channelings and teachings directly from Isis and the many masters of this lineage. 

The frequencies of these teachings are readily available to anyone who wishes to be immersed in them. This program offers a group container in which the teachings and your experiences may be amplified and held, in which you may develop connections with other sisters on your path, and in which you have a support system for your process of growth. There is a group who is meant to come together to be initiated in and amplify these energies in the world at this time.

How will we meet?

On Zoom - Join us from anywhere! 

Lineage of the Rose will include once weekly gatherings for activation, initiation and integration from the first week in June through the last week in August, 2022. Following that, there will be once monthly sessions from September 2022 through January 2023 for continued integration and support as you continue to weave this magnificent energy into your life. 

How much time will it require from me?

Each session will likely be between 60 and 90 minutes long. Recorded guided meditations, journal prompts, and recommended practices to integrate the teachings will be available to you as well. Our gatherings will be recorded, so your live presence is not required each week. You will likely feel inspired to devote more time to the lineage throughout our months together, but attending gatherings (live or later) are the only time that will be required.

When will we meet?

The exact dates and times of our gatherings will be determined based on the availability of the participants.  It is likely to be a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon/evening. All gatherings will take place on Zoom.

What makes this group from other Rose Lineage or Magdalene groups?

These energies are rising in a big way right now, which is AMAZING! There are many people doing this work, and I'm so glad - it is what the earth needs. Because I'm not participating in other groups, and because this group will be channeled so I don't know *exactly* what will come through, I can't tell you how it will compare to other groups. I recommend choosing the group or program that speaks to you, the one that calls you in. Work with a facilitator you feel connected to. Follow the rose in your heart. <3

Why now?

This time is so potent because we are currently experiencing much of the challenge that comes with large-scale collective change. We're seeing it in big ways in the world and also in our individual lives. The world is changing. Humanity is changing. We are starting to get acquainted with what it is to be in the age of Aquarius. These energies have been present as long as love has been alive. Seeds were planted more than 2,000 years ago for these energies to rise, amplify, and help humanity and the earth. They are rising now such that if we can join together and amplify them for the world and within ourselves, their impact can multiply exponentially. I believe it is essential for those who feel called to put life force into these teachings now.

Where do the teachings come from?

These teachings are gifted from the Divine - the "Beloved on High" as many initiates say. They are given through the star systems and have been on earth as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria. They have been through many times, many civilizations, many people. We will receive them now as we can best use them today. They serve the evolution of humankind and we are asked to activate and amplify these teachings and energies within ourselves and the earth. 

This group includes: 
-13 weekly gatherings followed by 5 monthly gatherings

(Gatherings include channeling activations and initiations, teaching and processing)
-A box of gifts to inspire and support your participation in this lineage
-Participation in a group chat to continue connecting and inspiring each other (Format to be decided by the group. Past groups have chosen Mighty Networks, Signal, or WhatsApp.)
-The experience of a sacred container which can be used for your growth, manifestation, and miracles

...as well as the potential and possibility for:
-New levels of mastery on your path
-A deepening into your sacred wisdom
-Alignment with more support
-Camaraderie with those on a similar path

"Recordings Only" Means: 
- The initial 13 weekly gatherings will be delivered to you as a video each week. Gatherings will include channeling activations and initiations, teaching and processing.

- You will be able to participate live if you want to in the 5 monthly gatherings following the initial sessions.
-You will still receive all materials including a box of gifts to inspire and support your participation in this lineage
-You will have access to a group chat to continue connecting and inspiring each other (Format to be decided by the group. Past groups have chosen Mighty Networks, Signal, or WhatsApp.)
-You are held in a sacred container which can be used for your growth, manifestation, and miracles


...as well as the potential and possibility for:

-New levels of mastery on your path

-A deepening into your sacred wisdom

-Alignment with more support

-Camaraderie with those on a similar path

The financial exchange for this group is: 

Full Participation:

$3,777 if paid in full

$3,888 if using a payment plan.

Recordings Only:

$2,222 if paid in full

$2,333 if using a payment plan

A limited number of partial scholarships and partial work trade scholarships will be available for full participants.