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A unique group experience in which you find and travel your personal path of devotion, supported by a group of like-hearted women on their own journey, guided by your own connection with your source.

How  is  it  different  from  other "priestess"  programs?

What makes this program different is the same thing that makes it powerful and effective. I am not prescribing a path for you. I'm holding the group space, guiding group connection and personal exploration, but I am not telling you what to do. 
YOU will be making your own way, supported by others faced with the same mission.
YOU decide what you're devoted to.
YOU decide how you show devotion and act in service.
YOU decide which offerings are authentic and meaningful to you. 
I simply offer suggestions. I hold the group space. I'm here as a sounding board for you. I can hold your hand when you need it. I will ask the questions that will guide you into your own knowing. 
This is a powerful program for developing and getting comfortable with your own SOVEREIGNTY. 
You will build the skills necessary to find your own guidance and your own reliable system of support as life progresses into the unknown.

The Details


June 30 - Sept 29, 2021


Weekly Community Circles
in the spirit of the magic of earth, sun, and moon, 
with prompts and ritual suggestions to make your own.

Flower Essence Blends
to support your journey

Opportunities to Teach, Learn, Process, and Grow
to share your wisdom and receive from others

Sisterhood in Sovereignty
the unique experience of supported feminine community
while encouraging and supporting the unique path of each individual

Financial Investment:



4 payments of $333.33
plus a one-time payment plan fee of $44

Add individual sessions: 

Individual sessions are available at the discounted rate of $222.

Enrollment + three sessions = $1999

payment plan: 4 payments of $499.75
plus a one-time payment plan fee of $44.

Is  this  right  for  me?

This could be a good fit for you if any of the following resonate: 
 you have done trainings, group programs, and/or individual work before, but are having trouble finding the right teacher for where you are right now. (That's because you're ready to be your own teacher!)
you feel it's time to embrace your sovereignty, but you're not psyched on loneliness or a lack of community. (This program offers you community and support without homogenous prescriptive activities.)
you feel a deep connection with your spirituality and your personal path, but you've noticed that path doesn't look like anyone else's. There's no model for you to follow. You're forging your own path.
you have worked with me in the past and are ready for the next level.  
A note about diversity and inclusivity:
This program is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, from all backgrounds. Your unique experience is important to the group and valued.
If you feel this is the right program for you, and are unsure about how you will afford the investment, please schedule a consultation with me so we can find a good solution. 

A note from Lizzie:

Devotional practices have been more transformational for me than practices of discipline, practices that are goal-oriented, or practices that focus on a tangible change of me from one thing to another. Don't get me wrong - I have goals - and I reach them. I do shift from one thing to another. I do nurture discipline.... but all through the process of devotion. And the very fact that each practice is based in love and service allows those shifts to be beautifully timed, gracefully executed, and naturally sustained. ⠀

This makes sense since I hold a core belief that we are actually perfectly whole exactly as we are, and our work is to learn to love ourselves more and better through each phase of life. ⠀

Falling in love with the divine (within me, above and below me, around me) and learning from the divine has been my most effective medicine. It opens my heart and mind at the same time, while balancing and grounding me in divine harmony.⠀

The Personal Priestess Path Portal is my offering of devotional practice to my clients, students, and friends (new and old.)⠀

I am not teacher who tells you what to do, but facilitator who guides as needed, suggests and prompts, holding space for your divine guidance and your devotional path to be revealed TO YOU in the most easily receivable way for you. ⠀

I'll be participating, too. I wouldn't miss out on this juicy process, and there's a deity that has been seducing me. I've been hesitant to jump in with her, but it is time, and I know there is transformation ahead.

Breaking down the Personal Priestess Path Portal (PPPP) to understand what lies ahead:⠀

*Personal* PPP: In this program, you are on your OWN path of devotion and discovery. We will not all be doing the same practices. We will not all be moving along the path in the same way. You will receive your own guidance and instructions. You will craft your own practices, ceremony, and ritual. (I'm here to help and support.) You will learn to prioritize and trust your own guidance and your own path.  ⠀

P*Priestess* PP: The origin of the word priest is the Latin word for elder. In your Priestess-hood, you are developing and embodying your own (elder-like) authority relating to your own spiritual path. There is no religious affiliation, just an acknowledgement of your sacred femininity and sacred wisdom. ⠀

PP*Path* P: Your path is unique. We don't know exactly where it will lead, but we know that it is aligned with your soul's truth and purpose on earth. You will move along the path during the program, and get a sense of your longer path, which you can choose to follow for the rest of your life.  ⠀

PPP*Portal*: This 3+ month container is a portal. You will enter one version of yourself and exit another. Evolution, learning, and growth is promised. As long as you participate with honesty, you will move through the portal. (In your own way!)


Do I need to believe in God to participate?⠀

~Nope, but you should be comfortable interacting with and interested in exploring your relationship with the unknown and the words and concepts that surround God and the divine. Personal exploration of the mystery and the divine is what this program is about.⠀

Do I need to be devoted to a particular deity? ⠀

~You will need to choose something that you are devoted to. It doesn't have to be a personified deity. It can be kindness, your true self, peace, the earth, etc. Whatever you choose, you'll be exploring your relationship with it for 3+ months. It's not a lifelong declaration of devotion, but a commitment to explore for a period of time. ⠀

Is this program religious?⠀

~It is not associated with any religion, but we will likely discuss figures and concepts from different religious lineages in the group with reverence and respect.⠀

Do I need any special skills to participate? ⠀

~You should have enough confidence in your intuition to be able to receive and interpret guidance and instructions from your guides/higher self/devotional focus. I can help you develop that confidence, but you should have a bit of experience.⠀

When will the group meet?⠀

~Right now, my thought is that we will meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm eastern/3:30pm pacific. But we can adjust our schedule based on who signs up. If you have specific scheduling needs, please let me know when we chat.⠀

How do I sign up?⠀

~Schedule a conversation with me by DMing me or emailing me. We'll set up a time to chat and take it from there. ⠀

When do I need to sign up by?⠀

~Sign up by June 25th so we can get our schedule settled before our June 30 start date. The earlier the better. ⠀

How do I contact you to learn more?⠀ ~@magicisreal_lizzie