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Flower Essence Healing Practitioner Training


The Invitation

You are invited to join a group of like-hearted womxn in discovering the magical and practical healing power of Plant and Flower Essences. 

In this 5-month training program, we will cover the history, mechanics, and process of Plant and Flower Essence Healing, as well as how to use and apply this vibrational healing method in a therapeutic coaching environment. You will learn how to collect your own essences and formulate healing blends so that you may share this powerful work with family, friends, and clients. We will nurture your personal healing journey through monthly 1:1 sessions and you will find that the lessons apply themselves to your life as you write your Personal Healing Story. Upon full participation in the program and completion of assignments, you will receive your certification to practice as a Plant + Flower Essence Healing Practitioner.

Plant and Flower Essences are used to effectively unwind and release old patterns, allowing you to consciously choose how to move forward in your life. Essences contain the wisdom of the earth, and will never bring up material you can't handle. They work gently yet powerfully on personal, collective, and ancestral levels to propel you forward in your healing journey and in your life. 

Whether you intend to use Essences for your personal healing, your professional healing practice, for friends and family, or simply as a way to understand the world better, this training can support a more loving interaction with self and truth. 

I always think of Plant and Flower Essences as the way to unstick the stuck, and to liberate oneself from the shackles we may not have realized were holding us back. 

The layers of self knowledge that arise through healing with Essences always humble and astound me. I can't wait to share this magnificent modality with you. 

If you are a Womxn of Color who is wondering about the diversity of this group, please indicate that in your application and I will give you up to date information about the makeup of the group. 


About Your Mentor

I am delighted and honored to be offering this training. As I've been working with Flower Essences with clients, friends, and myself, I've been waiting forMother Earth and her plants to tell me "it's time" to teach this work. And finally, the time has come!


After six years working as an Energy Healer,  I began regularly training Reiki practitioners with my unique  curriculum in 2016. I found my calling in teaching: holding space, sharing knowledge, and supporting people in their spiritual journey comes naturally to me and lights me up. In 2017 I felt called to work more deeply with the earth and became a certified Flower Essence Practitioner, which deepened my healing work even more than I knew was possible. 

I am a perpetual student of the earth and the world beyond. I am continuously humbled by and in awe of the magic of our universe, and it is my pleasure to share that with you in an integrated, grounded container for magic and healing. 

I am always available for your feedback, questions, and insights. I am known for my love of magic, but also my discernment and practicality. I hope I can help you develop a sense of both expansion and grounding, a balance that creates healing in your world. 

I look forward to sharing this magical space with you. 

 - Lizzie Rose Reiss

Energy Healer + Teacher, Flower Essence Practitioner, Healing Home Designer,

Children's Book Author, Fairy, Priestess, Human, Spiritual + Earth Devotee, Friend


This training could be right for you if: 

(any of the following apply)

  • You feel deeply called to it

  • You are fascinated by energy healing work and curious about essences 

  • You love plants or are feeling called to connect more with plants, plant medicine, flowers, and/or the earth

  • You are seeking training to build your confidence as a practitioner

  • You are curious about vibrational healing

  • You are a fairy, medicine woman, witch, or shaman at heart

  • You want more insight into (and progress with) your personal healing journey

  • You are already a practitioner or healer of some kind, and you want to add this sacred tool to your toolbox

  • You are finding stuck places in your or your clients life in which you would like to be able to see real progress

  • You believe in investing in yourself

Is this training right for me?


What are Flower Essences?

Plant and Flower Essences are powerful vibrational medicine that help us to re-pattern our responses to triggers, truly heal from trauma, and create new paths forward into the life we dream of living. 

They are actually quite easy to work with, and this program is an initiation into a deeper relationship with Mother Earth and her many facets.

Unlike essential oils, Flower Essences are not made of physical plant matter. They are distillations of a plant's vibrational signature held in water,  preserved with brandy, and taken orally to support your healing process. 

Group of White Flowers
  • Weekly classes in:​

    • Essences: History​ + Diversity in Plant Medicine

    • The Masculine + Feminine, The Grand Matriarchy

    • Essences: Use in Healing + with the Chakra System

    • Other Dimensional Support + Intuitive Healing Decisions

    • The Realm of the Elementals

    • Earth + Plant Attunements

    • Reading Plant Signatures

    • Essences: Collection, Preservation + Dosage

    • How to Formulate Blends

    • Therapeutic Coaching (TC): The Healing Container

    • TC: Space Holding + Active Listening

    • TC: Conducting Healing Essence Sessions

    • Cultural Support Systems

    • Your Personal Signature and Healing Story

  • A full collection of Plant + Flower Essences

  • Monthly 1:1 Healing + Mentorship Sessions with Personalized Formulas for the duration of the program

  • Recordings of all classes to keep

  • Plant + Flower Essence Healing Practitioner Manual and Required Texts

  • Community + Healing

What does the training include?

Pink Almond Tree Flowers

Is this program educational or for personal transformation?

Both. You can expect a thorough practical and energetic education as well as significant personal transformation . The beautiful thing about Plant + Flower Essences are their innate healing qualities. As soon as you open to their power, the magic will begin. Simply learning about essences will bring their medicine to your personal experience. As we learn about the nature of Plant + Flower Essences and how to use them for healing, their power and magic will begin to work on you. 

In addition to the healing that happens through learning, this program includes monthly 1:1 sessions and personalized flower essence blends specifically for your personal healing experience.

This program is really an initiation into Earth Wisdom Medicine + Magic -- and if you are feeling called to her beauty and healing, this training is for you. It is a portal to healing and transformation, as well as a means for you to offer those gifts to others. 



  • Each weekly class will be 1.5 - 2 hours. Your participation in each class is required for certification. If you have to miss a class, check in with me to confirm your participation after watching the recording. 

  • There will be homework assignments. Allow another 30 minutes to an hour per week to complete homework. 

  • Your monthly session is 1.5 hours long.


Your full participation and completion of homework assignments is required in order to receive your certificate.


Our regular class time will be Monday or Tuesday. The time is TBD depending on the schedules of the students. In your application, you can specify your scheduling needs. 1:1 Sessions will also be scheduled based on your availability. 


The full cost of this program is $4,995. A deposit of $1500 is due by August 1. The remainder will be paid in monthly ($699) or weekly ($175) installments for the duration of the program. <<There are two ways to lower the cost of the program, if you need. You can choose not  to receive a full set of essences, and you can choose to have only 3 sessions instead of 5. Discuss your options with me!>>


We can create a custom payment plan for you, too. If you would like to put down a bigger deposit and make smaller payments, or pay in three installments, etc, I can accommodate your needs. 


I always want to hear how things are going for you. If you're having trouble, needing support, more explanation about a particular aspect of the training, etc, my "door" is always open to you. I will respond to emails within 48 hours. 

The Logistics:

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