10 reasons to do reiki training

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

(before the holidays)

Most of us run into some holiday stress, whether it’s shopping, traffic, family, lack of sleep, undernourishment from too much delicious sugary carb-y food, or the crippling thought that the year is over... already?!?

I have a theory - that being well-nourished with awesome tools at your disposal makes the stress feel less stressful, and helps you enjoy the time you have doing what you’ve got to do. I have some of those tools for you.

I’m teaching Reiki trainings (Levels 1+2) twice before the end of the year, and after training and certifying more than 50 practitioners in the last two years, I know how helpful and magical this training can be.

Now ask yourself: don’t you want some magic before the year ends?

Here are 10 reasons to bump up the magic and do the reiki training before the holidays.

Some very happy reiki practitioners who have used reiki in their art, their families, with their pets, and their work.

1. It doesn’t mean a career change

Completing the reiki training doesn’t mean you have to switch gears and become an energy healer tomorrow (or ever.) It simply means you gain tools, awareness, and personal power that you can use to enhance literally any area of your life. (You can totally make a career change if you want to, though. I support whatever you want to do with your life.)

2. Receive tools for coping with holiday stress

What stresses you out during the holidays? Is it waiting on lines? Endless spending? Family dynamics? Reiki's first job is stress relief. After a Reiki Training, you are able to access Reiki any time. Just like that. You don’t have to do much work at all. Just come to the training and participate and you receive all you need. Reiki will help you prevent and get rid of stress brought on by the holidays or anything else. I promise.

3. Learn how to infuse your meals with reiki for optimum nourishment, peace, and enjoyment.

YUP. I’m serious. You will learn how to give reiki and healing intention to the food you serve your family, your friends and yourself. Magical holiday meal, anyone?

4. Set up nourishing boundaries with family members (or anyone) for holiday gatherings (or any time.)

Learn to set boundaries that actually help you have healthier relationships with the people in your life ...while keeping you fully nourished and cared for.

5. Boost every holiday card, gift, email, and text with Reiki fueled intentions.

What if, with each holiday card, gift, or text, you could send a warm-hug feeling? You can. Reiki works from a distance, and can be activated with intention. Infuse your card/txt/gift with reiki, set the intention that it is shared with the recipient, and it will be!

6. Set super-charged new year’s intentions.

I will teach you how to set intentions that stick and continue to grow with you all year long. Forget resolutions that make you feel guilty and learn to set intentions that make you feel inspired!

7. Let a very special tool make decisions super easy.

Wouldn’t life be easier if each decision didn’t have to feel like work? Get nice and comfortable using your intuition with the help of a pendulum and let those decisions be E-A-S-Y easy.

8. Feel stronger and more resilient when facing unavoidable holiday stress

Something happens after a reiki training. At first you’ll be tired and hungry as the energies settle in. But once you eat and sleep, you are a stronger, more resilient version of yourself who understands the world and can handle anything. No big deal. Just kidding, it’s a huge deal.

9. Improve your sleep

so you’re well-rested to handle the unexpected.

Aunt Edna is bringing her new beau - set another place! My sister did what?! On Christmas eve? The tree fell down? The car won’t start? All the laundry turned red? The heat is broken? There’s a natural disaster coming our way? I can’t stop the unexpected, but I can help you deal with it. Better sleep = better coping. Learn how reiki can help you get the best zzzs ever.

10. Give yourself a weekend of YOU time before life becomes about everyone and everything else.

One thing is for sure at the holidays - we tend to send our energy OUT. Take some time for you before the frenzy begins. Treat yourself to a weekend of soul-nourishing personal discovery. You won’t regret it.

BONUS REASONS that have nothing to do with the holidays:

1. It's fun

2. You'll make new friends

3. You'll learn something new about yourself

How does that sound? Head over to magicisreal.org/offerings to sign up for the Reiki Trainings in Los Angeles/South Bay and San Diego!

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