An easier, more joyful way to live.

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

This new Reiki 1 Certification class is that nourishing support that you've been longing for. I'm talking to you: moms, caretakers, homemakers, working- and stay-at-home-parents, or anyone who wants to learn helpful practices to bring more beauty, love, ease, and joy into their lives.

Reiki can nourish the entire family.

Here's exactly how the new one-day Reiki 1 Course is going to make your life easier & more joyful.

1. Reiki relieves stress. Not only will the day of our class be stress-free, relaxing, and fun, but you will leave able to channel that relaxing, healing energy any time you want, reducing stress at home, in your job, and in your relationships. Less stress = more time to enjoy your life.

2. Create healing containers. You will learn how to (almost) effortlessly create healing space in your home, in your car, in your child's lunchbox, in your bed, in your kitchen, in your closet... anywhere! Healing containers are energetic spaces in which healing happens automatically. Healing containers = less work = more time to enjoy your life. AND More healed = more enjoying your life.

3. Keep it clean. You will learn about energetic hygiene - how to keep your energy clean, not take on others' issues, and not dump your stuff on others. Learn how to set the example for your family - how to deal with stuff when it comes up so it doesn't become a big physical, mental, or emotional health issue. Clean energy = clean relating = more enjoyment in your relationships.

4. Feel better. You will learn a few super easy tips and tricks to bring Reiki into your personal life and body to help you live with less stress and more nourishment.

5. Improve family health. You will learn how to use Reiki to improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of you and your entire family.

6. Get better sleep. Reiki helps improve sleep so that you can do all the things your life requires while feeling more rested and energized. Kids & spouses have trouble sleeping? You can use reiki to help them find their best sleep as well.

The tools learned in Reiki 1 for the Self, Home & Family (aka Reiki for Moms) are life-changing. You won't know how you went so long without them. Send me all your questions at and join me on May 11 at