believing in magic


I want to share a story of magic with you.

One morning a few weeks ago, my roommate and I were walking our dogs and discovered a butterfly who was struggling to walk or fly. (I have no idea if this butterfly was male or female, but for this story, I’ll call it a her.)

We pulled the dogs away from “exploring” the butterfly with their mouths, and unsure of the best way to do move her, I picked her up and placed her further from the sidewalk where she could finish (what appeared to be) her dying process in peace, undisturbed by the mouths of dogs.

As I placed the butterfly in the sun near a tree, the thought occurred to me and I asked my roommate, “Should I give her Reiki?”

I held my hands over the struggling butterfly on the ground, and began giving her Reiki. After 15 or 20 seconds I opened my hands to see if I could get her to lie in my palms, thinking she might experience more of the healing energy that way. I watched, amazed, as this previously unable-to-move butterfly dragged herself with one leg into my hand all on her own. Humbled and encouraged, I held the butterfly in my hands and stood up, continuing to give her Reiki. After about 20 more seconds in my hands, the butterfly flapped her wings and flew away across Venice Boulevard.

My roommate and I looked at each other with our jaws dropped in astonishment. Even though we both understand the logic behind energy work, and I work with it daily, seeing such clear and tangible results inspired true awe and joy.

That’s what I mean when I say Magic is Real. It’s still awe-inspiring to witness miracles and magic. It’s still magic even when it logically makes sense.

It’s a similar experience when I work with a client who finally breaks through an old thought pattern that has been holding him or her in an undesired reality for years. There’s a moment of magic when you realize “It doesn’t have to be that way. I can experience life with more joy, curiosity, open-heartedness, and fulfillment!”

And it’s a similar experience when someone with a broken heart has learned to love him or herself again and open up to new love. Or when someone is ready to own their worth, or hear their guidance, or choose faith over fear.

It has been my absolute pleasure bringing magic into the lives of the people around me this past year, and I thank you for bringing magic into mine.

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