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Especially in this vata (ayurvedic dosha of air & ether) season, it’s important to know how to ground ourselves. My primary dosha is vata, so I benefit from paying attention to my groundedness several times a day, no matter what season it is. But at this time of year, most other people join me in needing some grounding techniques to feel balanced.

Try this practice for finding stability and grounding:

1. Start by paying some attention to the feeling of the earth beneath your feet. Take at least three breaths with the feeling of the earth in mind.

2. Now imagine a thick cord running from your lower body or your feet into the core of the earth.

3. Feel or imagine that the vibration of the earth’s core slows your personal vibration as the two sync together.

4. Take at least three breaths feeling the earth’s heartbeat.

5. Repeat anytime you need to balance high energy.

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