How to start 2019 with MAGIC

Resolutions are old news. We know now that the way to kick your year off right isn't with a promise you'll inevitably break. The way to ensure you have a magical 2019 is to start using magical practices and building the skills that enable you to ENJOY your life! Try some of these.

1. Make a list of all the ways you showed yourself love, respect, and support in 2018

Go through each month and remember how you cared for yourself. This list shouldn't be full of "should haves" but full of "good jobs!"

2. Write and speak your intentions for 2019 with clarity and joy.

Maybe this happens in your journal and then into your voice recorder on your phone. Or maybe it happens with friends or your partner. Maybe you announce it on instagram or Facebook or twitter. Any way you do it, write to get clear on your wording and what's important, then speak it aloud into the world!

3. Write your new "love story" with money, relationships, your body, food, exercise, or anything.

Whatever your resolution would have been... write your love story instead. Let the story be more about how you feel about the actions you'll take.

4. Practice greeting the new year with love and excitement by greeting each morning that way.

If you were going to greet the new year or each new morning as if it held infinite opportunity and possibility (which it does) ...what would that greeting be like? (I'm thinking Buddy the Elf level of enthusiasm!)

5. Give yourself the best alarm ever.

Record yourself saying you already have the things you want. In funny voices. In different ways. Have fun. Be silly. Say it A LOT. And then make it your alarm tone an wake up to it every day!

Other ways to ensure 2019 begins with MAGIC:

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