masculine & feminine - an intro

There is a lot to dive into with the topic of masculine and feminine, but what I want to offer here is an introduction.  What are the qualities of masculinity and femininity in the context of balance in an individual?  For each person it will be different, but here’s my experience.

My masculine energy is what makes me a hard worker. It is the vision to see a goal and move directly towards it, with a plan and no bullshit. My feminine energy is what I feel when I am creative, when I go with the flow, when I relax into laughter, pleasure, and love. Masculinity is driven, direct, and to the point. Femininity flutters around, but steadily holds space for many tasks and fluctuations.  The feminine is cycles. The masculine is lines.

They are both a part of each of us, and equally important to our balance.

I’d love to know how you experience the masculine and feminine within yourself!  Comment below to share.

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