my STRONG intention for the coming year

I want to offer my intention for 2017 because it is POWERFUL for me, and it’s possible it will spark something in you, too.

I will put NO MORE ENERGY into lack situations.

Let me expand on that a little so it feels realistic and sustainable for the coming year:

I will focus the lens on lack vs. abundance, to be aware of which pattern I am perpetuating with my energy, and then… I will put NO MORE ENERGY into lack situations.

If there is a situation in my life that makes me feel more lack than abundance, more bad than good, more doubt than love, I am giving it up. And I’m going to start looking more closely at some of the suspect areas of my life. I don’t want to invest any more of my time and energy (which I find particularly precious and valuable) into situations that perpetuate a pattern of lack, making me feel unhappy and hindering my growth.

Normally, I’m all about rephrasing in the positive. I would rephrase this as “I will put my energy into abundant endeavors!” or something like that. But that affirmation doesn’t have the punch I need, so I’m keeping it strong.

NO MORE LACK holds me responsible for creating the lack that I have been perpetuating in my life. It reminds me that where there is lack, I shall not go. Look out for the lack! Beware! It’s tricky and it’s sneaky and it’s not for me anymore.

Now to be fair, I’ve been weeding lack situations out of my life for years, cultivating abundance and love left and right. (Good job, me.) And as a result I’ve become a happier, healthier, more successful person. But like a weed, lack will always creep up somewhere. Just when you think you got the last of it, some more sprouts out of the ground. That’s life as a human. So I’m holding myself accountable to keep going on this journey, to take it to the next level. My intention for this year is to put NO MORE ENERGY into lack situations. HOW? One day at a time. One situation at a time. I will use a lack vs. abundance “lens” on my stuff. I will be strict with myself when I can. Sometimes I will slip up. And then I’ll get back on track.

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