nature walk through life

I love seeing this life, and each endeavor within it, not as a race to a finish line, but as a nature walk. What a pleasure to enjoy stopping for a rest, playing in the creek, running uphill, sliding downhill, skipping, rolling your ankle, being gentle with it, taking pictures, calling a friend, meeting a friend, crying, slowing down, speeding up, and smiling in awe at the world around us. I honor my phases, I honor my cycles, and I honor my pace. Now. And now. And now too.

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I was interviewed by Dr. Sharon Martin on Transformation Talk Radio. Here's the show.

The Best Ways to Give Thanks

How do you show appreciation for what you have (accomplished, become, experienced, grown into)? What is the best way to give thanks? Kindness Shows You Care I try to keep kindness at the forefront. I

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