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Today I’m writing about release as a transitive verb.

I saw and instantly fell in love with this mantra-affirmation last week:

I release all blocks to my vision!

I loved it, it was totally working for me…. AND my attention was pulled to the word release, which I (and we?) use a lot.

I began to imagine that release can also be seen as re-lease, as in, to lease again.  As if the lease was an assignment of the thing we’re “releasing” to a particular meaning. And by releasing (setting it free) we’re actually re-leasing it to another meaning.

Groundbreaking? Maybe not, but I always love a new perspective on common words. I like to bring some extra awareness to the way I use them and the energy behind them as I do.


  • to set free form restraint, confinement or servitude

  • to give up in favor of another

  • to make available to the public

  • to stop holding

  • to allow a substance to enter the air, water, soil, etc

What will you re-lease today?

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