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As a person who always felt like there was something wrong — with me, with a situation, with others — I experienced a lot of dissatisfaction in my life and subsequently became a really great achiever, trying to do things really well to experience some kind of satisfaction.

Maybe you have had a similar experience. Maybe you know there’s a deeper sense of satisfaction that could be available to you. Satisfaction that comes from within, that doesn’t require you to prove yourself with tasks.

I can see now that my process for moving into self love always begins with acceptance. There had always been a part of me that I wished were different. I did a lot of comparing in which I always felt “less than.”  

That’s not a part of my operating system anymore. The work I’ve been doing for the last several years has taught quite a bit about who I am and how to love me. 

Now that I have been on this accepting myself kick for a few years, I haven’t stopped noticing the differences between myself and others, I just use them differently. I’ve developed a healthy understanding of how I work, so when I notice others operating differently, I seek to accept their nature too, which has cultivated quite a bit of love in my life. 

I’ve discovered it works in both directions. When I accept myself, there is space open to love me. When I accept others, there is space open to love them. When I love others without judgment, they love me right back.

It sounds simple, right? And it is, but learning how to accept yourself is an interesting journey, full of learning and road bumps,  and it helps to have a guide. Because I’m so passionate about this process of self acceptance, quite a bit of the work I do is focused on exactly that. How can you learn to see, understand, and accept yourself more fully?

How can you open up space to really love yourself?

It’s a unique journey for everyone, and my job is to support you as a traveler. If you want to learn how to accept and love yourself and others more fully, see if any of my upcoming offerings below speak to you, or reach out to me individually by replying to this email.

How do you want to grow? What are you looking for?

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