the magic that follows "yes"

Underlined terms are defined at the end of the post for your convenience.


There is something in your life that isn't working for you. If you could change it on your own, you would have by now. You need support, guidance, and healing. You need inspiration, momentum, and direction.

1. You read something I wrote, have a conversation with me, hear about my work, or otherwise decide you are interested in the work I do.

2. We have a conversation in which we talk about what you want, where your wound, frustration, confusion, or holding is, and how the work I do can help you to move through and past it.

3. You feel inspired and excited about the work, and feel ready (or risky) enough to jump in!

4. You say YES. You send your payment and we schedule your first session. The container is opened.

~ Here's where the magic begins. ~

5. I sit with your guides and channel a welcome message for you. I spend a few minutes in deep gratitude, and often tears, as I witness the magnitude of your beauty, and how much support there is for you to succeed and be happy. I type up the message your guides have for you and send it over to you in pretty, calligraphy-like font, so it feels extra special.

6. I work with your guides again, this time with the Flower Essences too. I ask this group of unseen energies (the essences and your guides) to show me which essences will be most supportive for your healing journey right now. In sacred ceremony, we create a blend just for you and your needs at this particular time in your life. I type up the description of which essences came forward for you and send it over to you.

7. During your first session, we talk a lot (probably more than during any following session) about what you need, what you feel, what you want, and what your life is like. I ask you questions and fill out an intake form. You sign an agreement, solidifying your commitment to the work and acknowledging the parameters of our container. I present you with your first Flower Essence formula. You take an "attunement dose" and get on the healing table (in person) or go into meditation (remote) while we bring in the healing energy and move through your energetic field. There may be deep healing, deep rest, impactful realizations, or important information coming through. We allow it.

8. We keep going and keep going and keep going. Lifelong mysteries are demystified, answers arrive, new patterns are offered, healing takes place. Most containers are eight sessions, about 4 months long. By the middle, miracles are happening, and by the end something huge has shifted. You find that the whole universe is within you, waiting to be unwrapped.


Your life will never go back to how it was before. There will still be more growth, more evolution, more shifts to happen, but the tools you've gained will help you move through with grace. You know and love yourself more deeply and truly. You are well-equipped to live a happy and healthy life. You have an ally and a friend to call on and work with when you want or need it. You have everything you need and your life is full of abundance... and you know it.

Glossary for this post:

Channel: (noun) The person receiving and sharing ideas from unseen sources. (verb) To receive and share ideas and/or words from unseen sources. The "unseen source" is usually the collective energy or guides.

Guides: The personification (or animalification) of the vibration or frequency of support, help, love, or another similar essence.

Container: (Refers to the energetic container set up for sacred work including channeling.) The boundaries set up for this work; the time, space, and intentions in which it is held or contained.

Image: Aleksandar Mijatovic

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