the power of the container

As another cycle of MoonSisters comes to a close, I am brought once again into deep gratitude for this container, for the women who show up, and for the journey that has brought me here. In her words below, a long-time MoonSister lovingly credits me. I feel immensely appreciated, keenly seen, and deeply touched. And I will continue to claim that I just show up in my truth, held by the same safe walls that hold her: the MoonSisters container.

I credit the container because in truth, I just show up and facilitate. It’s not effortless, and I could certainly mess it up if I tried, but the container holds the power, not I.

Within this container, healing, growth, and transformation take place. I don’t do that, I just make space for it. I encourage it. I ask questions and share the insight I have touched, however briefly. I guide when I know where and how to do that.

Every time I witness an ounce of growth, healing, transformation, or inspiration in a MoonSister, I am humbled and awed by the power of the container.

This work excites me, delights me, and inspires me. I’m happy I’m not alone in that.

Lizzie, Where to begin? It feels like adventures like this have no beginning or end. Adventures of the heart, journeys of the soul. When I met you at a new moon manifestation, your ease of self and bubbling-over love was not only infectious but instructional. Your light and energy shares an awareness and truth that is truly impossible to deny. And when I started the weekly moon sisters series with you, I was delighted to find that the joy and understanding you embody is not just a source of inspiration, but a source of fuel and sustenance from which I could find my own. You have taught me such sweet, simple truths about my relationship with myself and with the guiding light and power that have helped me evolve the way I treat myself, my energy, my outlook, my relationships, my everything! You have taught me in a way that feels effortless–almost more of an unlearning of unhelpful learned behaviors, societal norms and pressures, unhealthy patterns of thinking. You have helped me shed the habits, the words, the fears that never served me, and have since become nearly extinct when only a humble candle was brought to them. You helped me return to my truth. One of my greatest accomplishments supported and nurtured by you is my growing creative expression. You have truly brought out a divine element from my creative work and passion, connecting the dots from my source of spirit to my creative channel and outlet that I never had considered before. I am so grateful for the work you do, for being a role model to myself and other women and earthlings, for being aligned to the divine and leading by example. I know this is only the beginning; I thank all for putting me on your path. With love, Arielle

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