turning lack into abundance

I was on a roll with the last post, and I didn’t want to stop. But inevitably, life takes turns, there are ups and downs and new perspectives. That’s why New Years Resolutions are hard to keep.

The next question I want to ask on this journey of abolishing lack is: How do I turn a lack situation into an abundant situation?

As humans, there are some situations that inherently involve lack, or situations we are unwilling to leave even though lack is ever present. My question is, how can we take thosesituations, and feel the abundance, shifting our relationship with the situation itself. Is it possible? Do we have to just walk away?

I can think of a few ways to start.

  1. Focus on what is present, rather than what’s missing.

  2. Come to terms with what the situation offers you, and figure out how you can be completely comfortable with things exactly as they are.

  3. Practice self-love within those conditions. Picture yourself inside the situation you’re thinking of. How can you love you more fiercely within those conditions?

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