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Los Angeles, or San Diego when available.

Remote Sessions happen via Zoom. (Link sent by email.)

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This blend is designed to help you embody the love your want... be in SELF LOVE, PARTNER LOVE, FAMILY LOVE, COMMUNITY LOVE, or any other kind of LOVE you can imagine.  This unique blend is designed to get you out of your head while clearing old patterns, feeling and then releasing old pains, and inviting new love and joy into your life.

Price includes shipping. Instructions will be included. 


Contains Fresh Spring Water from Mount Shasta, Brandy.

LOVE POTION Flower Essence Blend

  • Blends like LOVE will always be effective, however, the most effective way to work with flower essences is with a personalized formula from a certified flower essence practitioner. Personalized formulas gently work with the blocks, wounds, and traumasthat have been hidden in the darkness of your unconscious, bringing them into your consciousness so that you may work with them and truly healfrom the depths of your experience.

    Working within the wisdom system of the earth, the essences will never re-traumatize you. Instead, you can trust them to nurture your healing process from a stable foundation.