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This blend is designed to give kids the additional security they need to feel safe, comfortable, and free to be themselves in a variety of situations.


If your kids are displaying nervous, insecure, or unusual behavior at school, in new social situations, or at home, this blend could help them develop the sense of security they need to feel safe and secure. If they're doing just fine, this blend could help nurture their growing sense of self.

This blend comes in a spray bottle so that your little one can spray their space, their body, their pillow, or you!


This blend contain essences that support the child's:

- ability to ground and grow

- sense of self

- safe, self-cleaning energy field

- joyful, playful nature

- ability to speak up for their needs

- nervous system's ability to be calm and soothed


Instructions will be included. 


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Contains Fresh Spring Water from Mount Shasta, and very small quantities of Brandy; Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils.

KIDS Flower Essence Blend Spray

  • For many kids, this is a great first formula. If you feel your child might benefit from a personalized formula, please reach out to me directly.


    Blends like KIDS will always be effective, however, the most effective way to work with flower essences is with a personalized formula from a certified flower essence practitioner. Personalized formulas gently work with the blocks, wounds, and traumas that have been hidden in the darkness of your unconscious, bringing them into your consciousness so that you may work with them and truly healfrom the depths of your experience.

    Working within the wisdom system of the earth, the essences will never re-traumatize you. Instead, you can trust them to nurture your healing process from a stable foundation.