Reiki Training Retreat

With Lizzie & Sara

Saugerties, NY - October 22-26, 2020 - Womxn welcome

Nourish and inspire yourself.

Empower your inner healer. 

Give yourself a long weekend you’ll never forget, and insightful skills that will support you for a lifetime. Whether you are a reiki veteran or brand new to the modality, you will learn the skills necessary (and then some!) to practice reiki on yourself and others during this magical weekend. You’ll create tools for your personal or professional practice, meet lifelong friends, and nourish your body and soul as we travel the energetic realms together grounded in a sacred house in the mountains by the Hudson river.

Our weekend will include all the instruction you need to be a confident reiki practitioner as well as nourishing activities for your soul's enrichment.

Your Instructors and Hosts

Lizzie Rose Reiss

From the beginning of her reiki career in 2010, Lizzie noticed something missing from the teachings available. While many people were teaching the mystical, mysterious, celestial experience of reiki, and many were teaching the science and the facts, few people were approaching the teaching of reiki holistically.

Her classes have always been oriented around thoroughly preparing you to navigate the world of reiki responsibly, with integrity and discernment while experiencing the true magic of healing that is present in everyday life. A lifetime of being “the healer” even before discovering this modality, Lizzie has found that her entire life has prepared her for this job: guiding people through the discovery and exploration of the innate healer within themselves.


After seven years in Los Angeles, Lizzie has returned to the east coast, making her home in the Hudson Valley surrounded by trees and mountains where magic comes alive.

Sara Hillner

A gifted medium, reiki master-teacher, and healing facilitator, Sara brings integrity, wonder, and curiosity to her healing practice. 

When Western medicine was no longer helping Sara heal from the injuries she sustained during a car accident, a friend encouraged her to try reiki. With nothing to lose, Sara gave it a try and experienced an indescribable feeling of wholeness during her first reiki session.


Her skepticism was replaced with the wonder and curiosity that led her to study reiki, and which she brings to her practice today. Sara not only experienced physical pain relief, but also gained a massive perspective shift and was even able to love the person who hit her in the accident.  

In her private practice, Venice Reiki, Sara uses reiki, mediumship, healing circles, crystal therapy, essential oils, good energy hygiene practices, meditation and mantras to help clients and the community discover that they have the ability to heal.


Includes double occupancy accommodations

and all meals from Thursday’s dinner

through Monday’s breakfast;

your reiki certification and some special gifts.


$1200 before July 1 

$1500 before August 15

$1800 before October 1 

(Payment Plans available)


Deposit to hold your spot: $650

Remainder due by September 15. 

Please let us know about any food allergies or restrictions. 

Sample Schedule

7am: Optional Movement (Yoga, walk, etc.)

8am: Self-serve breakfast and time to yourself

9am: Meditation & Morning instruction 

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Time to yourself, massages available

4pm: Light movement (Walk, stretching, etc.)

5pm: Instruction or Activity

6pm: Dinner

7:30: Fun evening activity 


Q: Can I participate in this training if I don’t want to be a professional reiki practitioner?

A: Absolutely! This Level 1+2 training is totally appropriate and really powerful for personal development and/or using reiki on yourself, or with family and friends. 


Q: Can I participate if I’ve already been attuned and certified to level 1 (and/or level 2) reiki?

A: For sure. This happens a lot. Many people enjoy repeating reiki trainings. You learn something new every time, and it only strengthens your relationship with the energy. 


Q: Can I participate if I’ve already been attuned to a different kind of reiki? Like Holy Fire or Jikiden?

A: Absolutely, yes. You’ll just gain a new perspective and more experience with reiki energy. 


Q: How do I get to the retreat location from an airport or train station?

A: If you are not driving to the retreat, we will pick you up from the nearest train station or bus stop. The train station is Rhinecliff-Kingston (Amtrak); the bus stop is Kingston (Trailways). You are responsible for getting yourself to the nearest station.


Q: Can I pay extra to have a private room?

A: This retreat was designed for double occupancy in all rooms. In order to have your own room, you’d have to pay double tuition. 


Q: Can I choose my roommate?

A: If you are signing up with a friend, or have rooming preferences, please let us know when you register and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Q: How many people will be on the retreat?

A: We're restricting attendance to ten participants plus instructors. 


Q: What time does the retreat begin and end?

A: 7pm Thursday; 10am Monday. If you are driving, please arrive at the house between 6:30 and 7pm on Thursday. If you are taking public transit, please plan on arriving at your station between 6pm-6:30 on Thursday. We can help with arrangements. On Monday, we can get you back to the station by 11am. 


Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Your deposit is refundable if we states or the country mandates that we are not permitted to meet in groups of 10+, or if travel is unsafe due to coronavirus or world events. 

(We will be monitoring the world events to make sure it is safe to convene for our retreat. If for any reason we are not permitted to gather, we will cancel or reschedule our retreat, and deposits will be eligible to be returned.

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About the Reiki Training:

Reiki is one of the most commonly known and used modalities of energy healing and there’s a reason for that. Anyone can learn and practice it. 


The only prerequisites are a desire or curiosity to learn and an openness to see things from a new perspective.


My trainings incorporate much more than Reiki. I weave in all I know about how energy works, our intuitive powers, our connection to our the unseen realms, the spirit of healership, and so much more. I call it “Reiki Plus.”


See what students are saying.

In Reiki 1 & 2 you will:

  • Learn all about Reiki Energy, Energy Healing, The Subtle Body & Human Energy Field including: history, techniques & the science of energy

  • Receive two Reiki Attunements

  • Give Reiki Healing to yourself and your classmates

  • Get to know your team of guides, angels, and helpers

  • Learn techniques for Grounding, Shielding, and Connecting to your Energy Source

  • Learn how to incorporate Reiki into your everyday life or your profession


And when we’re done, you will be able to:

  • Give Reiki healing to yourself and others

  • Assess the energy of a place, person, or thing

  • Activate, infuse, and use reiki in your life and job

  • Move on to Advanced Reiki Training and then Reiki Master-Teacher Certification

  • Use your new skills to assess how to approach issues in your life

  • Begin a Reiki practice or incorporate Reiki into your job

Contact: for questions, bookings, and more.

In-Person appointments happen in Woodstock, NY; 

Los Angeles, or San Diego when available.

Remote Sessions happen via Zoom. (Link sent by email.)

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