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Next Reiki Training:

Reiki 1+2 | Saugerties NY | May 13-15
Discount available for practitioners who were certified with me and want a refresh. Contact me.

Reiki 1+2 | Reiki 3 | San Diego CA | Aug 26-28


Reiki Training

Scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety as well as promote physical healing and general wellbeing, Reiki is an invaluable tool in today's world.


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LEVEL ONE: Ideal for self-healing, bringing peace into your life, or the beginning of a healer's journey.

LEVEL TWO: Ideal for those who are on a healing or personal discovery path.  A great step for the aspiring healer, but suitable for anyone with spiritual curiosity.

LEVEL THREE: For those interested in advanced healing for themselves or as a practitioner. 

MASTER-TEACHER: For those interested in teaching reiki to others. 

In Person

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Dear Future Reiki Practitioner, 


Thank you for choosing Magic is Real Reiki Training, and welcome to the study of reiki. It is a beautiful method for relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. There are many different ways to use reiki, and I’m sure it will find the perfect way to complement your life. Reiki energy is guided by universal truth and its own wisdom, which is a big part of the magic. For that reason, I ask that you set aside your previous beliefs, expectations, and even intentions, to see what’s in store for you on this adventure. 



Sending you lots of love and tons of magic, 





Lizzie Rose Reiss

Reiki Master-Teacher

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