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a 5-month journey of initiation

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Chiron in retrograde is asking us to take a more empowered role in our healing. Rather than living out the same pain story over and over again, we're being asked to do it differently. Now is the time. 

If you seek fulfillment outside yourself, feel "I am not enough" or sense that there is an emptiness or chasm behind your thoughts and behaviors, you will benefit from the Isis Activations.

Isis teaches us to fill from within, to honor our divinity, and to "let the Goddess be" within us at all times. She is known as the Mother of the Divine, the Queen Mother, She of Ten Thousand Names. And she is magnificent!

Supported by the ISIS Oracle deck by Alanna Fairchild, as well as Tom Kenyon & Judy Sion's The Magdalen Manuscript, I will be channeling activations, meditations, and practices from Isis to support our healing. We may expect guest appearances from the realm of the fae. 

When you sign up, you will receive access to the recordings, which are intended to be received and integrated at your own pace. 

$188 for ten recorded activations.

To join or ask questions, email or fill out this form: 

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