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an evolutionary course

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Lizzie is known by her friends, clients, students, and colleagues for her practical approach to spirituality, her passion for the mysteries and ability to weave their wisdom into everyday life.


Early in her teaching career, Lizzie developed a reiki curriculum that included topics like energy hygiene, intuitive development, and invocation of guides and allies, providing a well-rounded approach to healership for all practitioners who learn from her.


Devoted to integrity and truth-finding, Lizzie empowers her students and clients to become their own humble authority, abandoning the guru paradigm to support the growth of responsible and powerful healers and mystics. She is especially passionate about her work with plant and vibrational essences and the magic of nature.

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Lizzie owns and operates the store Everyday Magic Intentional Goods in Woodstock, NY. She has also written and published the children's book Eversees and the Magic Tree. Her self-paced course Tree Wisdom is now available.


Reiki Master-Teacher (Usui, Holy Fire III)

Oncology Reiki Practitioner

Flower Essence Therapy

Violet Alchemy® Purification

Violet Alchemy® Healing

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