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Healing Sessions

Most of us suffer from a slew of modern day symptoms and afflictions which are caused by the imbalances we have accumulated over the course of our lives. Anxious? Depressed? Outbursts of anger or other emotion? Unhealthy relationship patterns? Dissatisfied? 


I’ve found that the best lasting results come from working with the causes, the internal imbalances, rather than the symptoms. Symptoms naturally dissipate once the cause has been acknowledged, understood, and released. We work together to heal past wounds and create a positive, stable foundation for your growth. I use a variety of modalities, always led by my unfailing intuitive guidance, your needs, and our unique strengths. Our work is cooperative, and requires your willingness and curiosity.


My mentorship is most useful for healers or those on the path of awakening, awareness, and ascension. It can be challenging to wake up, and then have the job of simultaneously learning and unlearning as you rather quickly evolve into your true self according to the world you now understand is available to you. Navigating this evolution is where I thrive, and I am so happy to hold your hand and be a guide on your journey as you grow into this new, beautiful you. 


Interior Design services help you heal through your home. By using Feng Shui principles to clear and align energy flow in your home, and making intentional choices about what you keep in your home and how it is arranged, you can adjust the way you feel and the experience you have in the place you inhabit most often. (This service can be used for offices and other places, too.) You can also use Healing Design to help improve certain areas of your life such as romance, reputation, family, relationships, finances, health, etc. Expect design services to be a combination of the practical and the spiritual. 


I am an Energy Healer, and a Teacher and Guide for your Journey.


My healing work with clients centers around honoring balance and cycles while discovering, nurturing, respecting, and following your unique inner guidance system, leading you into your ideal life.


My mentorship work with healers and those training as Reiki Practitioners focuses on honoring you as a divine being, forming healthy boundaries, and building sustainable ways of relating to your world and the people in it while honoring the sanctity of the work you're called to do.


I feel eternally grateful that the work I am called to do makes a difference in your life and our world.

I was called to this work through my personal exploration. When I first discovered a sense of inner peace after years of dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and overachieving, I knew there was an important path ahead of me. So I  kept learning, seeking, trying, connecting, and forming my own views about what I encountered. It's not always easy, but everything I experience occurs to teach me so that I can show you while we're on this journey together. I have found immense joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment in my life. I know you can, too. 

From ancient teachings to new age discoveries, this path of learning and sharing has enriched my life and continues to do so. I firmly believe there is always more to learn, and I'm here to learn it and share it with you.

I am a certified Reiki Master-Teacher (Usui & Holy Fire III)  and Oncology Reiki Practitioner, Treadway Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Flower Essence Practitioner. Everything that I learn and experience influences how I approach healing. More often than not I am given beautiful pieces of knowledge and inspiration mere days or hours before I am meant to pass them on to you. I have the sacred duty of being the messenger. 

It is my humble honor and greatest joy to support you on your journey. Let’s get you on the path to a joyful life. 

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