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Begins March 2024 - Earlybird Pricing through October 2023
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Free Essence Membership and Personal Essence Membership
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4 day online masterclass
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February 2024, Earlybird Pricing Available Now
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January 19-21, 2024 | Woodstock, NY
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Lizzie is known by her friends, clients, students, and colleagues for her practical approach to spirituality, her passion for the mysteries and ability to weave their wisdom into everyday life.


Early in her teaching career, Lizzie developed a reiki curriculum that included topics like energy hygiene, intuitive development, and invocation of guides and allies, providing a well-rounded approach to healership for all practitioners who learn from her.


Devoted to integrity and truth-finding, Lizzie empowers her students and clients to become their own humble authority, abandoning the guru paradigm to support the growth of responsible and powerful healers and mystics. She is especially passionate about her work with plant and vibrational essences and the magic of nature.

Book private sessions here. You can read testimonials here. 

Lizzie owns and operates the store Everyday Magic Intentional Goods in Woodstock, NY. She has also written and published the children's book Eversees and the Magic Tree


Reiki Master-Teacher (Usui, Holy Fire III)

Oncology Reiki Practitioner

Flower Essence Therapy

Violet Alchemy® Purification

Violet Alchemy® Healing

Healing Sessions

Healing sessions with Lizzie have encouraged and impacted me to be my own healer. The tools I've gained from working with Lizzie are vast and plenty- I literally use them daily. Lizzie has a great skill in being able to view a situation in a way I never would've expected; she's able to offer ideas and options that I didn't even think were possible until they were spoken out loud. There hasn't been an issue I've brought up that she hasn't been able to assist me with at least somewhat. 

Lizzie offers a very patient and slow approach to working with trauma. She is knowledgeable about the nervous system and how to come back to balance. Through working with her gentle guidance as I move through my own traumas, I've begun to learn how to ground myself better and come back to a balanced place again and again. This repetition has increased feelings of safety on all levels for me. Processing some of my feelings initially felt impossible, but I've been able to move into some seemingly impossible places through her patient approach and focus on my full consent to discuss a subject. I can be upfront and comfortably vulnerable because she offers a warm and nurturing space, kinda like being able to rest in a big, cushy, heated bean bag.


Lizzie has acquired a working knowledge of a multitude of different teachings and niche healing modalities that I always find incredibly interesting and helpful. I highly recommend a session for discussing whatever you're going through, Reiki, cord cuttings, and violet flame purifications (amazing).


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