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by bringing HEALING
to your
The healing is sustainable.
 transformations can be big or small.
Together we find the shifts that will actually make a difference 
in the way you experience your life inside and out.

Inner Experience

You bring the clues: your needs, problems, skills, joy, confusion, dissatisfaction, habits, obstacles, unfulfilled desires, etc. (Spoiler: All the things that make you uniquely you are actually skills which we will uncover and use to your advantage!) 

I will bring all the tools in my ever-growing toolbox including: 10 years of healing experience and a lifetime of understanding people, reiki and other energy healing methods, verbal processing, coaching, meditation and visualization, channeling spiritual guidance, oracle card reading, an understanding of the energy body and how it affects our lives, flower essence therapy, spiritual insight and practical guidance.

Together we will ask questions, find truth, and discover the path toward you enjoying being you. 

With my support, you will transform the way you relate to yourself, others, and your environment. 

You will find your inner power, your joy, and your success. You'll see measurable growth. 

And I will enjoy watching you thrive. :)

Outer Environment

We can also work with the environments you spend the most time in, like your home, office, car, or a specific room, to create a space that supports your wellbeing and healing. Transforming your environment helps to take the internal spiritual wellness you've worked to hard on, and see it manifested physically with practical purpose in a way you can clearly see, touch and feel -- and use to your advantage.

We'll use energetic and design principles as well as the intuitive information we get from our inner healing work together to create an outer environment that not only supports but feeds your inner peace and joy. We will always work within your budget and capabilities, honoring your needs and desires for the space. 

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Real Change. Real Results. Real Healing.

Magic is Real

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I am an energy healer, a reiki teacher, a Flower Essence Practitioner + Teacher, home design transformation enthusiast, and a guide for your healing journey and transformation. 

My healing work with clients centers around honoring balance and cycles while discovering, nurturing, respecting, and following your unique inner guidance system, leading you into a life that feels great.


My design transformation work allows personal transformation to come through the home, while creating a physical environment that supports your internal peace and joy. 


I feel eternally grateful that the work I am called to do makes a difference in your life and our world.

I was called to this work through my personal exploration. When I first discovered a sense of inner peace after years of dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and overachieving, I knew there was an important path ahead of me. So I  kept learning, seeking, trying, connecting, and forming my own views about what I encountered. It's not always easy, but everything I experience occurs in order to teach me so that I can show you while we're on this journey together.

I have found immense joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment in my life. I know you can, too. 

From ancient teachings to new age discoveries, this path of learning and sharing has enriched my life and continues to do so. I firmly believe there is always more to learn, and I'm here to learn it and share it with you.

I am a certified Reiki Master-Teacher (Usui & Holy Fire III)  and Oncology Reiki Practitioner, Treadway Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Flower Essence Practitioner. Everything that I learn and experience influences how I approach healing. More often than not I am given beautiful pieces of knowledge and inspiration mere days or hours before I am meant to pass them on to you. I have the sacred duty of being the messenger. 

It is my humble honor and greatest joy to support you on your journey. Let’s get you on the path to a joyful life. 

Schedule a consultation with me, or just dive in, and feel free to read testimonials here.